How to Block adding you to unknown WhatsApp Groups

 Are you looking to stop strangers from joining your WhatsApp Groups without permission? Follow these steps to prevent people from joining any unknown WhatsApp groups.

Sometimes, unknown persons joined you in an unnamed WhatsApp group, which is troubling and irritating. Sometimes, friends or family members create a WhatsApp group and include you without permission, and sometimes, their addition is a thorn in your side.

How to Block adding you to unknown WhatsApp Groups

In essence, WhatsApp offers you the Group Privacy Settings feature, which lets you block strangers in joining groups. Be sure to upgrade your WhatsApp prior to implementing this option on your mobile device.

WhatsApp lets you enable group privacy settings on the case of both Android as well as iPhone mobiles. This is why we have prepared an easy-to-follow guide for Android as well as iPhone users.

How to prevent strangers from adding You to Untold WhatsApp Facebook Groups on Your Android

If you wish to prevent anyone from joining your unidentified WhatsApp group, follow these steps that will lessen your frustration over unspoken group chats. For Android Users-

Step 1: Visit WhatsApp for your Android mobile, and then tap on the vertical menu with the ellipsis icon (three dots) found in the upper right-hand corner of your mobile's screen.

Step 2: Then click next to"Account" in the Options option, and then choose Account to access additional options.

Step 3: Next select the option to turn off the Privacy option, then select Groups to change the settings for your group.

Step 4: Once you click to open Groups You will see three default options: Everybody, My Contacts along with My Contacts Other than. As a default, your group's settings should be on Everyone while anyone can join any group.

Step 5: Under Step 5, choose option 1. everyone- you are able to allow anyone to join your WhatsApp groups.

Step 6: Then If you wish to permit only your contacts to join you in the WhatsApp group, select the My Contacts option.

Step 7: Finally you will be able to select one by one those contacts that you would like to permit them to add to WhatsApp groups using the third option - My Contacts, Other than.

How to stop strangers from adding you to untold WhatsApp Facebook Groups On Your iPhone

If you wish to block users from joining you in WhatsApp groups on your iPhone and iPad, follow the steps below and apply them one by one on your device.

Step 1: Visit WhatsApp on your iPhone and tap settings at the bottom of your screen's interface.

Step 2: Next choose your account and then click Privacy and then Groups to access additional settings for groups.

Step 3: You are able to select My Contacts or My Contacts Other than according to your preference or requirements.

Block Strangers from Adding You to untold WhatsApp Groups

Everyone is a member of WhatsApp groups. A lot of users use WhatsApp groups. But sometimes, you may see someone else joins your WhatsApp group without consent.

As WhatsApp has a default setting, we have set the default privacy Group Settings to everyone This means that anyone is able to add you to any not-told WhatsApp groups. However, you are able to alter your privacy settings at any time and stop people from adding your name to unknown WhatsApp groups.

I'm sure this article will be beneficial to you and help resolve your concerns regarding WhatsApp private messaging groups. Please share your comments on our article via our comment section.

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