How to find saved WiFi password in Android

Have you ever wanted to find the saved Wi-Fi passwords on Your Android phone? Here are some concepts and applications to find the passwords that have been saved.

Sometimes, you forget your password if you've previously connected to the network. This isn't a problem. You can connect automatically the next time. However, if you wish to connect to this particular Wi-Fi network on another device, you'll require an account password.

How to find saved WiFi password in Android

If you're running Android 10 or an advanced version, you'll have additional features that you can reveal and identify encrypted Wi-Fi passwords. You don't have to root your Android phone.

If you're running Android 9 or lower versions Then it's possible that the version you're using doesn't have features that allow you to access the stored Wi-Fi passwords immediately. Also, you'll root your device either through third-party or first-party apps.

This article will offer easy ways and tips to identify or look up the Wi-Fi password of an account you have saved in Your Android device. Let's see.

How to Find Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Android devices without root

After you have launched Android 10 you will be able to see the Wi-Fi passwords you have saved in the screen of your Android device without rooting. When you implement the following steps within your device it will allow you to view and find the saved Wi-Fi passwords on the settings of Android 10 and above

Step 1: Open Settings on the Settings section of your Android 10.10 or greater version.

Step 2: Select Network & Internet in the settings.

Step 3: Click on the Wi-Fi option. (Some devices show Wi-Fi in the settings and if you are unable to find Network & Internet then directly click on Wi-Fi.)

Step 4: Then you'll see your Wi-Fi connection on top of the network list. Select it, or select previous networks under Saved Networks.

Step 5: Hit the Share button and sign in using your fingerprint, your face, or your PIN code should it be required in certain situations.

Step 6: on the following page, you'll see a QR code and Password beneath the QR code.

To connect to another device you could either scan the QR code or enter the password you want to use while connecting.

How to find Wi-Fi Passwords on Android 9 and Below

If your device runs Android 9 or a lower version or your device does not have the option to share the password or QR code.

To find the Wi-Fi passwords that you have saved in Android 9, you need to install third-party applications or look them up by using your device's file explorer.

But, the methods below will require you to root your Android device to reveal Wi-Fi passwords. Since these Wi-Fi passwords are saved in the secure directory on your device's storage.

Step 1: Open any file explorer that is available on the device (Files created by Google, EZ file Explorer) that allows root browsing.

Step 2: Go to the data/misc/wifi path in File Explorer.

Step 3: Choose wpa_supplicant.conf and open the folder by clicking on it.

Step 4: After that the saved Wi-Fi networks username and password are visible to you. Names are available in the section called SSID section. The password is stored in the PSK file.

The above techniques require a file manager that allows root browsing. If you're looking to test an alternative method to find the passwords saved to Wi-Fi you must install an app from a third party like WiFi Password Recovery, WiFi Password Viewer, and many more. These Android applications are available on the Google Play Store.

Restore Wi-Fi Passwords Saved to connect to another device

The more advanced Android version users are able to detect the Wi-Fi password that was saved, however, older Android users also can detect it. It's all you need to do is make more time to root your device or use an app from a third party to detect the passwords.

However, you can obtain the list of Wi-Fi passwords saved via your device's file explorer or a third-party file manager application. Be sure to install the file manager that allows root browsing.

Be aware that you are able to only see or detect the Wi-Fi passwords you used to connect to your device.

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